Sixth Planet


The signs on the poles of Jupiter are fascinating and bear further investigation - NASA’s Juno satellite has of course been the greatest help here. Yet another sign just one orbital out - captured most recently in high detail by flyer Cassini - is even more remarkable.

The North Pole of Saturn, the sixth planet, boasts a distinctly perfect geometrical Hexagon - a 6-sided object, complete with definitive edges and perfect angles.

6th Planet : 6-Sided Hexagon 

What natural phenomenon coincides other than intelligent life?  Convection patterns?  Polar radiation?  Keep watching...

Earth Signals

An appropriate response given this pattern in the solar system might be to construct a Triangle made of mirrors or flares on the South Pole of Earth. Gauss suggested something along this line of thinking, oddly enough.  An Octagon on Earth's North Pole would complete the configuration.  If Earth needs to level up by signalling a galactic keymaster this may be the solution to the puzzle.  With contact may come the download of a fuller version of the Galactic Encyclopedia.

As the poles are a location where radiation is very high one might harvest the energy using Tesla Towers, perhaps.  Lights!

Gaussian Orbital Maths

  1. Mercury - as yet uninhabited?
  2. Venus - as yet uninhabited by Gauss-stage
  3. Earth - Octagon/Triangle pending - (is Bermuda already a construct of the aliens? Portals!)
  4. Mars - Cross of 4 mountains near equator
  5. Jupiter - Pentagon on South Pole; Octagon on North Pole
  6. Saturn - Painted full Hexagon on North Pole
  7. Uranus - resting on its side (poles to be imaged)
  8. Neptune (poles to be imaged)
In thinking why Alpha planets sign at polar regions it seems likely the builders use the radiation energy there, which could stretch the power input offered by a thin heat ray from distant Sol into much more.

The Earth being nearer the sun has abundant energy beaming in every nanosecond.  Mars too - all the Beta worlds are nearer by comparison to Sol's fields and the sum and angles of the cogs we could build thereupon are great.  Signing at equatorial regions as with Mars and the T might hold significance.  Easier to see from the common viewing plane of other planets.  More likely amenable to Earth and significant given our JudeoChristian Histories.

If one wanted to harvest the enormous fountain of free energy from the radiation of our poles, how might we approach the problem?  Are stories of alien tech buried in the ice of the South Pole real?  What plans can we make to detect and then draw these currents, which must be massive, into usable form?

Perhaps the South Pole can be transformed into a living continent given enough time and consideration.

Venus: Twinning