The Primer 

The Primer is Geometry

Gauss suggested that communication between Space-faring species might take place easily by use of large geometrical shapes.  The North Pole of Saturn 6th planet has a 6-sided Hexagon.  Jupiter's poles boast an Octagon on the North Pole and a Pentagon on the South.  5th/8 planets.

To level the Earth up we have in planning the creation a Beacon of 8/3 Polar Signals.  Each of 8 Tesla Towers on the North Pole will draw energy from above (and below!) into a base of batteries and devices - powering a living space and community of workers.  On the South Pole a Triangle of 3 Towers will be connected by a railway lit up to complete the shape.   

One advantage of stacked rays from this structure - call it The Beacon - will be Planetary Defense against asteroids.  Power transmission through the air and ground will complete a global network as envisioned by Tesla.

Like the Great Wall we will light the poles to be seen from space:

Octagon - North Pole 
Triangle - South Pole 

In the event construction in the cold and harsh pole weather is too prohibitive, an ocean Beacon has also been tabled.  If cooperation with enough nations is achieved the entire project could conceivably be equatorial and land-based, too.  In such a case a rail would easily light up the edges of the shapes.


The first step towards building is planning. In order to plan we need personnel - a community...

Our research and building require a funding source.  To begin we have minted a token - $PRIM.  Note bounties are now over, thank you for participating in the free $PRIM phase.  To collect more tokens please let us know what tasks or skills you may have to employ in service of the project.

Add the following contract address on the Theta Main Net to view your tokens, name=PRIM, decimals=18: 


Holders of $PRIM will be free to redeem these for lodging and provisions at the (Polar) Signal Bases.  Wages will also be paid in $PRIM.  Once the Towers are completed and generate free electricity, profits from sales will accrue to $PRIM.

There are 21 Billion $PRIM tokens:
  • 11 Billion are allotted for materials to build the 8+3=11 Tesla Towers.
  • 10 Billion remaining are allotted to team and infrastructure. Alpha board members newly appointed receive a 1M $PRIM signing bonus.  

If you received an invitation to join as an Advisor to The Primer Polar Signals Project with a unique offer higher than the bounties listed please contact with details of your professional qualifications and interest.  Or, if you wish to participate as an Alpha Advisor and have Talent to deploy here we want to speak with you.  

People with any interest and time and skill who want to help build and earn $PRIM for their efforts also please write  We want you on board!

It is expected the token will create incentive to help build and store value in a project which we hope will provide the highest yield of any in human history: Contact.

With Contact humanity will level up to the sky above and all its riches, a change as grand as moving from caves to castles.

"We choose to go to the moon in this decade ... And do the other things..." - JFK
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