Polar Hurricanes

The north pole of Jupiter pictured in this infrared Juno satellite image from JPL NASA sports an eight-sided boxlike precise collection of hurricanes.

South Pole

The south pole had, for many years, five hurricanes around a central one. 

As Jupiter is the fifth of eight planets it is natural to ask if this was a sign. There are 8 planets total in our solar system: 4 inner, or call them ‘beta’ worlds, and 4 outer, or ‘alpha’ worlds.

Update  12/12/19 - Juno images show a 6th hurricane just inserted into the South pole array.  Is this a message regarding a new planet to be born soon?  A new planet emerging from the sun may carry enough power to consume the earth in fire. This lends more credence to a theory of natural processes, rather than alien signatures - though time will tell.  One idea for a possible mechanism is the moons are responsible via magnetic flux tubes which pass between Jupiter's poles and the poles of its satellites.