Polar Hurricanes

The North Pole of Jupiter pictured in this infrared Juno satellite image from JPL NASA sports an eight-sided, boxlike precise collection of hurricanes.

South Pole

The South Pole has five hurricanes around a central one. 

As Jupiter is the fifth of eight planets it is natural to ask if this is a sign from an earlier, older species.

There are 8 planets total in our solar system: 4 Inner, or call them 'Beta’ worlds: Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars; the 4 Outer, or ‘Alpha’ worlds: Jupiter, Saturn, Ouranos and Neptune.

Note - Juno images showed for a few months 2019-20 a 6th hurricane almost inserted into the South Pole array.  The latest images on Juno flyby show it has failed to insert, rendering the pattern to a Pentagon once again. If Watchers Scribe this reads The Mercury Rows - new planet arrival scribble.

In 2019 the sixth hurricane appeared but disappeared by November 2020 again:
 Is this a message regarding a new planet to be born soon?  A new planet emerging from the sun may carry enough power to consume the Earth in fire.

Are these alien signatures?  Such precise coordination on a large scale requires wisdom and energy we would not have even dreamed possible except in science fiction.  It scares us.  They may be Gardeners overseeing we little bugs unable to span the largeness with these presently feeble frames or fears that bind us strange.

Natural phenomena? A possible mechanism is magnetic flux tubes which pass between Jupiter's poles and the poles of its satellites.