Zits and Cheese

When my sister and I were teens our faces looked like pizzas.  Recently I gave up meat and then milk products.  I noticed some lumps in my body which had previously persisted for years began disappearing.  Pus-filled giant zits which you wonder at as an older adult.

What is likely going on at the biological level is there are bits of code entering our bodies from the foreign DNA of cows.  As discussed elsewhere, DNA coming into our bodies from other vertebrates (possibly even yeast, to some extent, a eukaryote we share a common ancestor with) can be read and expressed by our body's own cells.  In the case that these animal products are hosting viroid cancer DNA scripts, these may be getting into our organs and feeding a tumor.  Cutting the corrupt script off allows the body to fight the growth.

It is important to note that our younger brother was allergic to milk products and avoided these like the plague.  Interestingly enough, in retrospect, he never suffered from pimples - his face looked then and now much like a baby's.

As I've begun eating cereal for iron and other essentials again, I was grateful to find many choices at the supermarket of almond or soy milk enriched with calcium.  Hopefully government can be instructed to subsidize these and other alts for health reasons, while desubsidizing animal products and retooling traditional farms.