Wave Particle Duality : Fundamental Flaw in Double-Slit Experiment

The famous Double Slit Experiment purported to show that beams of particles somehow magically transformed into, or behaved as waves when asked to pass through a pair of slits on their way to a receiving screen.

https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Double-Slit Experiment

The problem with magic, even when it underwrites Einstein, is that Science has a better explanation.

The particle beam, once it hits the edges of the slits, must of needs, according to thermodynamics, heat up the metal.

This metal is neither inert nor a nonparticipant in the experiment - in fact the heated metal emits waves, the very ones which produce on the screen patterns belonging to stacking of maxima and minima: banding.

The obvious need then is to refine the ethic to allow for this conjunction of effects. Particles don't 'behave as waves' when forced through a second slit... The waves are real but not deriving from the same set of particles sent through by the gun.  They are emitted after the metal is struck and heated.

On a side note - if 'dark' matter is being made in large gravity wells by energy lensing and m=E/c^2 but not yet seen due to light speed lag, yet the effects on the frame are felt instantaneously everywhere we need to seek a deeper harmonic which informs time itself.