Was the Forbidden Fruit Abel?

God put the man and the woman in a garden.  He gave them full freedom.  No laws but one.  Don't eat the Forbidden Fruit.

When Cain's sacrifice was rejected he was set on rectifying the problem.  "God doesn't want vegetables?" he reasoned. "I'll give him the finest meat on the planet."

Typically sacrifices were eaten.  When it says the devil approached Eve we imagine a serpent. But what if it was the writer characterizing Cain after he slew Abel?

Was it Abel's meat Cain served as the devil to Eve?  Was it tasty?  Was it tasty for Adam when she brought BBQ to him?

And when Adam called out for Abel to taste of his brother's game Cain dissimulated, claiming not to know of his brother's whereabouts. 

Then they came upon the fire and the body.  And the blood was still on the ground crying out...  Then they knew Shame.  Then Eve felt only pain every time she gave birth - knowing her pain was multiplied by the thing forbidden.  Then Adam cursed the ground that yielded vegetables for Cain which, when rotted and fermented, clearly led to violence. 

Then they began the practice of slaying animals - having become addicted to the red rush of blood. Iron opened their eyes making them wise.

Dr. Shiva PhD MIT says 800,000 children a year are killed to harvest adrenochrome - upon terrorizing a child to death the blood fills with the drug of choice for pedophile masons.

Perhaps we ought to market the synthetic version on a website and hunt these vermin.

The apple.  Abel.

Then was Cain made to redden from anger and Shame.  The mark.  AngeRed.  7 times avenged. The bloody map.