This Mortal Coil Shuffle

As one examines the foundations of power generation in light of brain architecture one sees a distinct correlation between the folding of space around a winding coil as a transmitter-receiver with an increased area for capacitance and inductance.

In psychiatry we dismiss concepts of telepathy and telekinesis by rote as the foundations in Freud were anti-theistic and limited in function as far as electromagnetic theory went in the day.  Stripped of this we are left to posit (more like Star Wars fans than scientists we art) that in all likelihood the brain is a coil.

A river of imagery in high frequency and with much complexity, with archival and archonic referencing seems as likely as any data stream.  Indeed as the Scripture says in the last days knowledge will increase- is instantaneous transmission of scope presumed?

If this comes tabula rasa - blank - at birth, could it be as Dr. Stephen Sutherland put it, an infant's first few years are filled with 'radiant beams of unending light', which then get twisted and bent as energy functions are primed and goal matching is induced and anchored?

When we imagine we use only 10% of the full power of our coils, we seek images of people who do better- Jesus walked on water, for real.  Obi Wan appeared after death- mirrored from what hall?  Icons drawn from the real persist and inform.

What might we entrain if in its logical conclusion presence itself is the goal, vesting as Elijah and Elishah a mantle, or Christ and his disciples?

On the other hand bad company corrupts good character.  Choose your inducers wisely and be a wise one, many are receiving your very being unseen but seeing.

Next gen would be to art after object manipulation, folding spacetime like Magneto.  Willful powering.  Vectors towering.