Sunspots May be Due to Magnetic Flux Tubes Between Sol and the Planets

If you've ever wondered why or where sunspots exist a novel solution may relate to a connection passing between the poles of Sol and the planets. 

Magnetic flux tubes are connecting Jupiter to its moons in the header image.  These may be related if one seeks a natural explanation to the polar Patterns on the Gas Giants.

The spin of the sun with its charged core creates an electromagnetic field which entails the fields of the planets at the intersection of their axes, through the poles.

An experiment - to observe the pattern of the spots in relation to the positions of the planets, their sizes, rotation and other factors such as intersecting fields as well as moon field harmonics - is needed. 

One issue that may relate to the location of the poles is the state of Luna.  The magnetic flux tubes between the two might causes spikes at locations near the poles.

People living in the Antarctic report an odd memory loss syndrome known as T3 requiring workers to leave after a year or so or suffer brain damage.  The logical solution is the strong magnetic fields at the poles must be wiping the neural imprint.