Spin, Not Charge!

At the nuclear level, the term 'charge' (+/-) may be a misnomer.  Consider if all forces are one as described by Grand Unification Theory.  Add relativity to the mix and allow for its application in dilating time at large scales. Or spending it quicker at smaller scales. 

Consider now that a spinning body creates a dipole - the earth for example has a spin and poles.  All stellar bodies seem to.  The core being hot and metallic and rotating creates a magnetosphere.

Can we define elements on the subatomic level purely by spin, temperature and mass?  Might we reinvent charge as merely a convention to describe what physically is just field harmonics around a spinning dipole?  No need for a strong force binding together mutually repulsive protons with neutrons. What a complexity of epicyclisms.

Might it be that if we correct for time contraction/dilation at scale that what we think as an electric field between the nucleus with positively-charged protons and electrons sporting "negative charge" might simply be gravitational attraction?  

Imagine the nucleus not as a set of charged and neutral billiard balls but as a planet with a hot core and cooler mantle.  Imagine electrons not as negatively charged but as smaller and much cooler than the nuclear core.

How might this system be coherent given atom smasher data?  Are these experiments repeating because of the stick being used to measure the phenomena queried?