Signalling the Sky: 8/3

As the solar system is seemingly inhabited as is evidenced by the alien signatures on Alpha worlds, such as the hexagon on the north pole of the sixth planet, Saturn, and the shapes on the poles of Jupiter as well - an octagon on the north pole and a pentagon on the south pole - 5th/8 planets, we ought to consider building Tesla Towers on the poles of Earth.

The correct formation given the talk in the sky would be 8 on the North pole and 3 on the South.  Jupiter has 8 on top which may be understood as giving consideration to the group over the one.  Whereas Saturn has a 6 on the top and nothing clear on the Other side.  Meaning everywhere!

8 Tesla Towers in an Octagon, each 10 km tall, the height needed to transmit rays across large distances as Tesla imagined.  These will send lightning continuously in a ring - from tower to tower in a giant Octagon that can be seen from farther away than even the Great Wall of China.

A Triangle on the South Pole as large as the continent will follow.  Lights!

One advantage of harnessing the polar energy in massive amounts through Tesla Towers might be the ability to build shelter in anticipation of an asteroid.  

The poles are the least likely place an asteroid will strike, given the majority of trajectories lie in the plane of the solar system and the surface area of the equatorial regions presents the greatest target for impact - whereas the poles present the lowest surface area for this angle of attack from the ecliptic.

While energy courses down from the Tesla Towers into a base of batteries under the ice buried in the rock beneath, any asteroid impact will be mitigated by the ice and the distance from strike - as discussed - likely to be nearer the equator than the poles. 

This safety net will provide the personnel needed to carry out the full plans of completing the Octagon of 8 Tesla Towers on the North pole and Triangle of 3 on the South pole.

This might take 25 years if we work our hardest. 

On the other hand, the yield will be the highest of any human undertaking yet.

When the Watchers see we have solved the puzzle we can download some cosmic data perhaps on Contact.

It may be as in Star Trek's Picard - the signal that brings the cube.   The New Jerusalem.

You will recall along with 28 segments on our hands corresponding to 28 days in a lunar cycle there are 12 segments on 4 fingers of each hand.  Put the 8 rows of 3 segments on the 8 fingers together and you will see the code is in your DNA!

Level up!