Short Term Memory Loss in Cannabis Smokers

Recent research has reversed the age-old adage that cannabis impairs short-term memory.  The effect is noted to reverse given time.

A valid question arises when studying the problem.  Smoke inhalation exposes the olfactory bulb, seated at the base of the brain in the cribriform plate, just above the sinuses, to intense heat.  This is typically why smokers have no sense of smell, reports Neuropsychiatry Triple Specialist Dr. William Panenka of the UBC in Canada.

One way to test the hypothesis is to apply a control where only legal edibles are consumed.  Studies showing brain matter loss in users may not be accounting for street drugs which cause brain shrinkage such as methamphetamines and cocaine, which kids buying from the street are more often exposed to.

Another control is testing memory in cigarette smokers.  The theory is, memory impairment and smell are linked in the brain.  Without smell no memory can form.