Resolving the Free Will - Predeterminism Dilemma

If you ever took a philosophy class you've likely pondered the idea of Free Will versus Predeterminism.  Do we actually choose at any given instant or is this just a limbic phantasm projecting comfort onto our cerebra while we ride the rails of instinct atom by atom lining up as per Newton's Laws?

No one wishes to be relegated to the thin vapours of preprogrammed reactions.  Yet physics suggests to a great degree that atomic scale motion and hence macro movements of animated forms follow precise patterns delineated by the Laws of Motion.  Even when quantum theory arrived Einstein disdained from the supposition that God "plays dice" with the universe.

Perhaps there is a solution - One where all choices exist simultaneously.  The Multiverse Solution gathers all threads and allows for all outcomes.  You both follow the rails and make moment by moment decisions and each instant spawns infinities unscaled.

All outcomes exist in the Multiverse.  Which one you experience is up to you.  This alone defines the still point of repose - which captures the camera of our mind and intertwines us with indeces proffering levers, buttons, notices and sums.  Is it an illusion?  At least with the Multiverse we have enough theoretical freedom to allow our cerebra another minute to digest and reflect if in fact we are ensconced in tighter packaging and preprogramming than can be compatible with freedom from existential anxiety in any case.