Psychiatry is Bunk

A doctor who trained in Psychiatry was asked what he thought of the profession.  He said "Psychiatry is Bunk."

In the Bible Moses stood before a burning kaneh bosm bush and heard God.  Today we see many who consume cannabis claiming to hear voices.

With prohibition of cannabis in the 1930s illicit markets stepped in.  Unfortunately adulterants are common in the black market as cannabis is not physically addictive.  To render it more addictive the street dealer adds cocaine, amphetamines and opiates.

The arrival of psychiatric drugs based on the hypnotic antihistamine molecule in the 40s and 50s coincided with the corruption of the cannabis scene.  It is a likely hypothesis that much if not all psychosis seen since Prohibition is simply due to the consumption of adulterated cannabis causing symptoms normally seen with the use of accelerants.

As the majority of such experiences begin at the time of departure from the parental home and exploration in college and the work force 'schizophrenia' is most often seen at this age - the very age when drug experiences take deeper root away from a stabilizing nuclear family environment.

But as can be seen in the following article, the condition is unlikely to be genetic.  No gene has been associated with the typology.

Rather the symptoms can be elicited in mice by use of amphetamines.  It is a screening question in the ER for psychosis whether drugs were consumed by the patient.  Typically if the drug was illegal and the patient young they will deny using drugs.  This is very common.  The person now gets excluded from being dismissed as a case of simple drug-induced psychosis falsely for fear.  They are now labelled as schizophrenic and run through the mill - which projects disease as long as you deny it exists. 

The greatest abuses in Medicine, apart from the murder of the unborn, are being perpetrated against those labelled mentally ill by quacks and forced to take dangerous drugs which cause extreme damage which is always only ever played down. 

Psychiatry is nothing but a religion of drugs for dollars.  Devilry at its very worst.

It must be made illegal.  Urgent as tens and hundreds of millions are enslaved as some of  Pharma's favorite targets.