Prevention or Cure - Heart Blockage

Meat gets between teeth and rotting, infects the blood with streptococcal bacteria which colonize the valves of the heart. This leads to insufficiency and enlargement and cardiac events. 

One might love fish but it may be bad in many ways despite Christ having served it.

If you wish to plumb the arteries quickly, start taking Flax Seed Oil. ALA is an omega-3 fatty acid precursor which is converted in the body to the useful form. Omega-3 is like Drano for your vessels reports Dr. Stephen Genuis (Order of Canada). Dr. Genuis recommends that a person with angina take 5 pills a day, high dose, no mercury if you can afford it, for 5 days, and your pain will disappear.  

This has proven to be true in testing.  While a baby aspirin is often recommended by physicians in older patients as a preventative, omega-3 actually removes existing clots.  Aspirin keeps the blood smooth and slippery making clot formation difficult but it cannot remove existing blockage.  ALA can convert to omega-3 and then like a pac-man chew all the clot and send it to the liver for disposal. 

Note this is hardly prescribed by pharma or its advocates.  Yet it is essentially the cure for heart disease and stroke. Dosing in cases more severe than angina such as post-stroke might be much higher, eg 100 pills/d.  In this case liquid form is easier than pills.