Mysteries of the Moon

If we are in fact planted here and this is more than simply spores sparring with nature from random seeds scattered might there be evidence?  Of design?

Luna is a great place to start looking for clues.  It's likely you know the chances of Luna being at the exact distance from Earth to just blot out the disc of Sol are remote to none.

There is no scientific reason nor any verified example from other worlds and moons for ours in particular to be parked at just this distance.  It makes one wonder what Buzz Aldrin meant when he stepped out of the moon lander in 1969 and saw what he later described as people watching from across the crater.  Either the landing was fake and they were too high to notice the stars on the way were painted and they weren't actually floating, or the landing was fake and they were in on it, or it was real.  

One is reminded of the Scripture about a New Jerusalem coming down from the sky - it was given the measure of man - as big as the moon. If we who accept the faith to be taken there someday wonder what our duty may be thereafter besides gazing upon the Holy, recall the promise of a New Sky and a New Earth.  

The morning star - Venus - has long been favoured as the next planet to blossom, after  earth dies, as Mars did before it perhaps.

Now if we are on the moon as watchers then would this New Jerusalem serve some purpose as does Luna?  To create tides and spin - to break the tidal lock of Venus and reduce the superheating.  Day and night. 

Think.  Luna takes 28 days to return to 0.  Now look at your hands.  Count the segments of each finger and thumb.   Add them together. 28.

"I have inscribed you upon the palms of my hands." Who? The Watchers!

That's a reach for some and a purpose for others. A fire - love is the reason. Created.  Purposeful. Identified. Known.

What would we see if we went to the dark side of Luna?  Is China there now?  Add to reading list...

Now look again at your hands.  We have 12 segments on the 4 fingers of each hand.  Likely counted in old times by the thumb - itself thereby excluded in this grouping.  So we mark 12 months.  But wait - there are also 12 moon cycles!  A river of questions.  

4 fingers.  Marked by 3 months each one a season. Love does such wonders.  Are you held tighter now?