Homosexuality is Not Genetic

Warning:  academically-based material.  May be offensive to some.  Please be aware.

Homosexuality is neither innate nor genetic.  Dr. Michael Brown PhD has reported that 50% of men self-describing as "gay" were raped as children.  75% of those describing themselves as "bi" were similarly raped as children.

One "landmark" study which has been cited by advocacy groups as being genetic proof of homosexuality is seriously flawed.  In the study, brains of homosexual IV drug users were dissected at autopsy.   These brains were shown to be smaller on average than regular male brains - more like the smaller female human brain (20-30% smaller). 

What is of note, however, is that the study failed to distinguish IV drug-use-caused brain shrinkage from the data.  It is a well-known fact that IV drug abuse leads to brain shrinkage.  

Note the genesis of the condition.  It's not genetic.  No gene coding for non-dispersal of its master chromosome set will get far in the gene pool.  It's illogical.

To really get involved in the dialogue it's beneath the victim of the crime or the truth of how it came about to just be pro something.  To help in this situation we need to shine a light where a pedophile Mason society is criminally lacking in optics - on incest and pedophilia.

Ignoring the abuse of children either at home in cultures where incest is prevalent (Asia, Africa, South Asia, among others) or in gyms, schools, other people's homes etc. leads not to a tolerant society but one full of abused people leading completely dysfunctional lives.  And remember, the abuse is cyclical

Unfortunately our society as a whole is still far too immature to create safety for abused children.  Social workers ignore reports and send children to care from minority homes as a rule in the West as part of a genocidal imperative.  If a child is being abused by the mother as is common in many cultures (Asia, India) the social worker will not help at any cost even if video evidence is presented.  

To make things more complex, the courts and police are all enslaved to the social worker.  And as Dr. Julia Hislop says in her work on Female Sexual Offenders, 99% go undetected owing to a mythos of motherly goodness in our society.  The gender lens incapacitates and fully obscures the rights of the child.