Holy Muffler!

Ever wish the guy driving past with a hole in his muffler would just get it repaired?  Ever think you'd pay for it yourself just to quiet down the neighbourhood?

We all have.  What drives people to want to drown out every noise around them, even their own thoughts?  There's the poor folk who can't afford a muffler - these ones are likely not as numerous as the ones who poke holes in their muscle car and motorbike mufflers.

It's likely these unfortunate souls were subjected to a lot of verbal abuse as children in homes with alcohol and drugs.  What many of us think of as the inner voice and is properly known as the superego or parental voice stems from early childhood programming.

If a child grows up around alcohol and violence it's likely they hear negative thoughts and voices all day in their head.  By the time they are adults mirroring the empty lifestyle they grew up around, the pressure to break even with their abuser spills over into addictions, crime and noise.

Poking a hole in your muffler is literally therapeutic to minds warped by perverse and unjustly authoritarian superegos imprinted from stage 0.

The next time you grit your teeth when you hear someone with need of a muffler drive by remember it's therapy for their mind.  Less destructive to them than other outlets.