Framework for Instant Transmission - Tesla

"...while resistance is directly proportionate to length, it is inversely proportionate to the section"

-Tesla on conducting through the Earth

'Tesla felt the resistance of the Earth would be negligible due to its immense cross sectional area and relative shortness as compared to its diameter.' (Corum & Corum)

"A [conducting] sphere of the size of a little marble offers a greater impediment to the passage of a current than the whole earth. This is not merely a theory, but a truth established in numerous and carefully conducted experiments"

"When you think of resistance you imagine, naturally, that you have a long, thin conductor; but remember that while resistance is directly proportionate to length, it is inversely proportionate to the section."

-N Tesla

"If you take a small sphere of the same size of a pea, and compare its length with its section, you would find a certain resistance. Now you extend this pea to the size of the earth, and what is going To happen?  While the length increases, say a thousand times or a million times, the section increases with the square of the linear dimensions, so that the bigger this thing is the less resistance it has.  Indeed, if the earth were as big as the sun we would still be better off than we are; we could readily telephone from one end of the sun to the other by the system and the larger the planet the better it would be. . . . The resistance is only at the point where you get into the earth with your current. The rest is nothing".

This may be fundamental to a new systems view of the universe as perfect instant conductor - Despite length, Cross-sectional area is so enormous - There is 0 resistance.

Is this the foundation for mass deformation across vast distances in priority to light of said far star set?  For the effects of gravity of objects growing over time in mass to be felt instantly through the frame everywhere?  Is this what undergirds tunneling or what is thought as quantum teleportation?

On the atomic scale this proportion - which suggests low resistance for large spheres, causes high resistance and may be a way to describe why positive charge remains within the centre of an atom without flying apart from charge density.  Low conductivity at this small radius is a lock.  One way to describe the 'Strong Force' - in terms of Tesla.