False Dichotomies and Epic Silence

Human brains have two hemispheres. We allude to left versus right, up versus down, in versus out in all our machinations yet this valiant attempt to sort an imposing array of sensory data into calculable masses results in an imperium of vacuousness for what is seen is not all. 

Here is a thought.  A Decalogue was written on two hands - vertical laws to seed light and horizontal laws relating other to other.  Granting sight in desperate times before a conscience was born in the collective. 

As St. Paul says in Romans these laws of Moses served as school yard tutors until wisdom took root in the heart.  Once mercy was given law was transcended.  Not in imposition but in transition to higher ground.

Grace is given in the form of God silencing His Word for 3 days. In the pause, a third option.

Review, reiterate, revisit the dialogue.  Maybe it coerces a trialogue or ultralogue.

The Word is right but it allows for error. It made us.  It is invested in us.  It is real