C Unchained!

When Einstein stated that the speed limit of the universe was 300,000 km/s one must assume this was predicated on the dogma of conservation of mass and energy.

Now if dark matter - aka matter made from energy lensing in gravity wells as per m=E/c^2 - 
is there but not yet seen due to light speed limits on transmission to earth then the dogma of conservation of mass and energy is suspect to say the least.

What religion allows the instantiation of all matter and energy at one particular moment in time and then never again?

The baryonic mass required by Nobel Physics laureate Jim Peebles' dark matter hypothesis relegates the old dogma to the flat earth pile.

The conclusion must be if dark matter is real - baryonic (bearing mass) & there but not yet seen - then the foundation on which Einstein predicated a limit on light speed, c, no longer supports the premise. 

C, one supposes, accelerates near large gravitational wells and often coalesces into matter there if not achieving escape velocity.  Light speed must slow far from stars and speed near them.  

To test this we must repeat the Michelson-Morley experiment or similar at varying distances from: earth, the moon, the sun etc.