The ancient Egyptian symbol often seen ported about like a handbag by rulers in hieroglyphs known as the Ankh is a treasured enigma.

At first it seems like a token - magically imbuing the owner title to subjects - given the commonality of slavery in those times and places - possibly a token Ankh was equivalent to actual ownership of a particular slave.  When displayed it is usually in respect of an audience and a Bearer.

In the Sanskritic Urdu tongue the word Ankh literally means "eye".  One often wonders, aside from unction or violence or riches or tech why people subject themselves to others. 

The symbol in hieroglyphs may be the key.  Mastery of the eye engenders respect in the looker.  An audience gathers to respectful eyes chiefly. 

Dignity in the key of the Ankh is the rule over all mankind.