Action-At-A-Distance: Instantaneous Field Deformations

How can we explain instantaneous action-at-a-distance?  Mirrored spin in distant particles - electron tunnelling - galaxy edge rotation speed?

We might be restrained less by Einstein's Speed Limit of the Universe - c - light speed: 300,000 km/s, if we accept relativity applying to time modulation at scale. 

Think of movement of the field and frame as being not a result of waves propagating in a vacuum but like what is seen in gap junctions in the neurosystem.  The speed of transmission of a signal is multiplied by having to leap across the ether between cells.  

This might translate in the galaxy for example into a kind of slingshot action from star to star, the force of the galacticore leaping through the arms to the edges, being amplified between these gaps again.  Deeper harmonics. 

One way to test whether c is accelerated nearer stronger G wells is to conduct a Michelson-Morley experiment nearer the sun.  Also farther from both earth and sun, to see if it in fact slows down farther from the lensing/slingshot effect of a large gravitational mass.

Hypothesis - c is faster than 300,000 km/s nearer Sol. Think of a coin well where the object speeds up the nearer it is the centre. 

If light travels slower farther away from large masses then the supposed acceleration of the expansion rate of the Universe may be artefact.  Doppler shift is no longer purposeful if c is not constant.