A Plausible Mathematical Basis for the Multiverse - Lorentz and Relativity

The Lorentz Transformation: If the speed of light is to be the same for all observers, then the length of a meter stick, or the rate of a ticking clock, depends on who measures it.

When a person on a train passes a person observing - according to Relativity and the strange properties of light - the time which passes for each of these is different.  We are all familiar with the idea of twin astronauts where one leaves the earth at light speed and returns after a min to find his twin has aged 50 years.

While watching a video on how Lorentz came up with a transformation which earned the variable name Gamma in physics  γ - to compensate for the speed of the person moving and the time gap created as per relativity - it occurred to me that the observer on the ground might actually appear to the person on the train as moving, hence the relative time stretch takes place in the opposite direction, with the same formula:

Δ t = γ  (Δ t')

and   γ = (1-v2/c2)-1/2 

Where t and t' depend on the person being indexed as stationary.  Whereas we understand that one can be stationary to the other depending on point of view.  How can this be resolved?  

If you don't yet see the conundrum let's say we apply the transformation above, by plugging in some numbers.  One can quickly determine the gamma is not significant unless we approach the speed of light.  But let's say the train is moving at 0.9c.  This gives gamma of 2.3.  But which person appears to be moving slower or faster depends purely on who you originally define as being stationary.  Whereas we understand this is merely a convention and the roles could be designated as opposite without changing who is actually in the train, as motion is relative.

The only solution is to discontinue your subscription to Relativity and the light speed limit Einstein supposed.  Or - here's the doozy - allow for both to be simultaneously true.

Think for a minute.  Both the person on the train and the person watching them cruise by at 0.9c can be the person who is calculated to be moving slower to the other.  Simultaneity is desired but not required as we have now entered the realm of the multiverse.

The only logical resolution for my watch seeing yours go 12:01 while mine goes 12:02 and yours going 12:02 while you pass me and see mine at 12:01 is that we are on different timelines, owing to the movement between us.

If this carries to the extreme, there is no end of infinities and persons that can be indexed in this system.

NB - Light not only follows gravitational wells but matter, this suggests the amount of infinities spawned may be indexed to the speed of the gap increase between objects in question.  Things indexed to objects moving at light speed including light itself experience more multiverses on this axis than things which are nearer to the object over time, hence not moving away from it.